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What God Wants From Us This Christmas

by Brenda Jank, founder of Run Hard. Rest Well.
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By Brenda Jank, founder of Run Hard. Rest Well. The program is supported by various professionals who champion rest by introducing people to a transformative blueprint of work, rest and rhythm. Brenda teaches leaders and workshop attendees how to create vibrant and engaging cultures that promote balance among all of the roles God calls us to take on. For more information, visit here.

Christmas Come and Go

This Christmas, God wants us to come.


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28


This Christmas, God wants us to go.


Go! Move out like the shepherds to find the babe in the dark of night.

Then go again! Move on. Move out to the streets, to your neighbors to declare all you have seen and heard.

This Christmas, God wants us to let-go.


The need is great.

We need to let-go of unbearable and unrealistic expectations – those fueled by others and those fueled by our own desires and drive.

So many Christmas preparations are dominated by demands that separate us from the longing of our hungry hearts. We long for a simple celebration – heaven’s declaration of Hope eternal and Love divine found in a newborn infant’s cry. But we settle for less. Amidst frenzy and exhaustion, we shortchange ourselves and those we love, content to exchange Christmas Quiet for Christmas Chaos once again.

This Christmas – come.

Come, all you who are weary.

Make your way to the manger.

Pause. Linger. Bend down low.

Look love in the face and let-go.

Choose one weight, one taxing burden, one ruthless expectation.

Pry it gently from your heart and hands, and lay it down.


Claim the rest your heart longs for.

Claim the rest God longs for you to know.