A baby brings so much joy to our lives. From the very first time you see and hold your newborn, your life is forever changed. Your need to protect and provide for your baby becomes your number one priority. 

Concordia Plan Services is here to help you provide for your baby’s needs. For eligible workers, disability benefits cover maternity leave and provides a benefit of 70% of compensation (after the satisfaction of a 14-day waiting period). Concordia Health Plan members have access to many benefits outside of the disability program that can help them to have a healthy pregnancy, as well.

The pre-existing condition limitation for disability benefits also applies to maternity leave.

Newborn Enrollment

Once your child is born:
Once your child is born, log in to your member benefits portal to enroll your newborn. You must enroll your child within 60 days of the date of birth.

Concordia Health
Plan Benefits

BCBS Maternity

BCBS Maternity is providing Concordia Health Plan members with Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage with prenatal support and in-depth educational tools to encourage healthier pregnancies, which means healthier babies. BCBS Maternity offers an incentive for successful completion of the program. To enroll, call 866-489-6948.  


Cigna's Healthy Pregnancies,
Healthy Babies

Concordia Health Plan members with Cigna coverage are encouraged to participate in this program to improve the quality of maternity care, develop care management plans, as well as receive improved education and self-care. Members can enroll first or second trimester, and there are incentives for successful completion. Call 800-605-6621 to enroll!

Kaiser Permanente Maternity Wellness

Having a baby is unlike any other experience. Whether you’re a first-time parent or growing your family, pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time. No matter where you are on the journey, Kaiser Permanente has the tools and resources to walk you through every step of your pregnancy—when you’re trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and after your baby is born. You can register for prenatal classes and programs near you, as well as learn a lot more about Kaiser Permanente’s prenatal care commitment by visiting kp.org/pregnancy.


UMR Maternity Management

The Maternity Management program provides prenatal coaching, prenatal education and high-risk pregnancy identification to help expectant mothers. You will connect with a coach to answer your questions and develop a care management plan. When you register for the program during your first or second trimester of your pregnancy, you’ll earn incentives for completion of the program. Call 888-438-8105 to enroll.