Financial Counseling through Minnesota Life

Minnesota Life, the death benefit administrator for the Concordia Disability & Survivor Plan (CDSP), offers beneficiary financial counseling services through PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP to beneficiaries who receive a death benefit of $25,000 or more from the CDSP and/or the voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance program. This financial counseling is available at no cost.
Financial counseling can help beneficiaries make sound decisions on financial issues. Under the arrangement with Minnesota Life, beneficiaries will not be pressured to purchase products; their services are for informational purposes only.

Receiving Counseling

Those who qualify for beneficiary financial counseling will receive information about this service with their death benefit check. Some of the services qualifying beneficiaries may receive include: a beneficiary guidebook, access to online tools and educational materials, phone consultations, and personalized financial analysis. 

Taxability of

Power of Attorney

If a child or third party is acting as Power of Attorney for a survivor, he/she must submit documentation to Concordia Plan Services in order to receive the survivor’s personal and financial information. Survivors of rostered or commissioned workers may apply for additional financial support if they are experiencing financial difficulties. Survivors who are interested in this benefit should either contact their district president or Concordia Plan Services. Concordia Plan Services will mail an application for the additional financial assistance to the survivor.