Member Enrollment 

For the CHP, full-time workers are eligible to be enrolled effective the first of the month following their full-time employment date, unless the employer has stipulated a probationary period with Concordia Plan Services. In the case that a new worker did not enroll into the CHP during the Initial Enrollment period, he or she may be eligible for Special Enrollment or can enroll during the next Annual Open Enrollment period.
To change health benefits once enrolled, a worker must either qualify for Special Enrollment, or wait until the Annual Open Enrollment period each fall.

Individual Rates

Concordia Health Plan members who do not have coverage through an employer should contact our office for rate information at 888-927-7526, or email info@concordiaplans.org. 

Enrollment Periods

Annual open enrollment is available for active, full-time workers employed by a CHP participating employer and eligible dependents of those workers. Information is sent in the fall of each year to eligible workers. Workers wishing to enroll themselves or their dependents will need to complete an Annual Open Enrollment application and submit it to their employer (or enroll online if eligible). 

Special enrollment is available within 60 days after the exhaustion of other health coverage (with no more than a 63-day break in coverage), or when a worker experiences a life event (marriage, birth, adoption, adoption placement within 60 days of the life event).