Coaching and Condition Management

Improving the health of church workers and their families is a key focus for Concordia Plan Services. 

To help Concordia Health Plan (CHP) members enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna options, we’ve made comprehensive and wide-ranging health and wellness programs available. These are designed to help you understand your health risks and provide the tools necessary to sustain lifestyle changes. The Concordia Total Health Team is a dedicated team of specialists who can help you get healthy and stay healthy. The team includes nurses, coaches, dieticians, clinicians, and counselors. All services are free and confidential.

The Concordia Total Health Team can help with disease management, lifestyle management, and more. They can work around your schedule to arrange coaching sessions, during which you will answer questions about your progress, set goals, and have the opportunity to ask questions. They will provide feedback and solutions for any challenges you may face. 

Don't take your health journey alone! Contact the Concordia Total Health Team today at 800-605-6621 or email
Omada Health’s Prevent Program

Omada Health’s Prevent Program is a 16-week digital health program that helps members who are at risk for developing diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease to embrace lasting change. This program is included with all Concordia Health Plan BCBS options (excluding Premium Plus).

Program participants will have access to:
  • A full-time health coach
  • Smart technology, such as a digital scale and an app
  • An online support group
  • Interactive curriculum
  • Games that reinforce learning
BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota will compile the data to determine how effective the program was in helping participants lower their risk.

To learn more about this program, visit to watch a video and to see how Omada Health's Prevent Program can help members improve their health and create lasting change.

Helping You
Stay Healthy

Kaiser Disease Management

Kaiser Permanente Complete Care provides members with chronic conditions the tools and services they need to manage their conditions for the best possible outcomes. Complete care addresses many conditions including cancer, diabetes, depression, obesity, and heart disease. 

Complete Care is: 
  • Proactive: Members with, or at risk for, chronic conditions are identified with electronic health records and are automatically enrolled. 
  • Team-based, physician led: Physician-led care teams are assembled according to the member’s care needs.
  • Comprehensive: Preventive care, educational resources, and self-management tools help members manage their conditions.
  • Systemwide: Electronic health records link all members, caregivers, facilities, pharmacies, and labs - ensuring accuracy and consistency of care.  
  • Data-driven: Disease registries help teams track outcomes and determine treatment effectiveness, enabling improvements. 
  • Patient-centered: Members and teams work together to determine the most appropriate interventions to meet goals.