A baby brings so much joy to our lives. From the very first time you see and hold your newborn, your life is forever changed. Your need to protect and provide for your baby becomes your number one priority. 

As a member of the Concordia Health Plan (CHP) and/or the Concordia Disability and Survivor (CDSP), you can be confident that you’ll have great health and disability benefits throughout your pregnancy. For eligible workers, disability benefits cover maternity leave (covered as a short-term disability), provides a monthly benefit of 70% of compensation (after the satisfaction of a 14-day waiting period). Concordia Health Plan members have access to many benefits outside of the disability program that can help them to have a healthy pregnancy, as well. 

The pre-existing condition limitation for disability benefits also applies to maternity leave.

Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies

Concordia Health Plan members are encouraged to participate in this program to improve the quality of maternity care, develop care management plans, and receive improved education and self-care. This program can be registered for in the first or second trimester of a pregnancy. Call 800-605-6621 to sign up!

Newborn Enrollment

Once your child is born:
Print and complete a newborn enrollment form.
Return to Concordia Plan Services within 60 days of the birth of the child.

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