The Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan (CDSP) provides a disability benefit (for the enrolled worker). The amount of disability benefit that a worker is eligible to receive is calculated based on his or her current salary. The disability benefit paid by Concordia Plan Services may be reduced by state mandated benefits or other forms of disability income/benefits such as Social Security disability benefits.
The CDSP pays a benefit equal to 70% of compensation when a worker becomes disabled due to a qualifying disability (subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan).
CDSP Rates

Worker without Dependents - 1.20% of total annual compensation
Worker with Dependents - 2.25% of total annual compensation
Lifetime Disability Maximum

Disability benefits for any disability resulting from or caused by mental illness or substance abuse, or that is a self-reported or subjective-symptom condition, will be limited to a maximum period of 104 weeks during a person’s lifetime (if the condition is the primary disabling condition). The lifetime maximum will not apply in cases of mental illness caused by stroke or cerebral vascular accident, viral infection, Alzheimer’s disease, senility and/or dementia, organic brain syndrome, or closed head injury. A “self-reported or subjective-symptom condition” is one that cannot be independently verified and measured using generally accepted standard medical testing, procedures, and practices (e.g., headaches, fatigue, pain, etc.). If the person is confined in a hospital or institution at the end of the 104-week maximum benefit period, disability benefits will continue during the confinement and, if still disabled when discharged, a recovery period of up to 90 days. The member’s waiver of contributions for the Concordia Plans will also end when benefits end.

Pre-Existing Condition Limitation

Workers are subject to a pre-existing condition limitation. No disability benefits will be paid for any disability commencing during the first 12 months of plan membership that is caused by or resulting from a medical condition that, during the three months prior to CDSP enrollment, the worker received medical treatment, consultation, care, or services, or had symptoms that would cause a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment. No waiver of contributions for the Concordia Plans will be applicable either.
The pre-existing limitation will NOT apply, however, for new graduates of LCMS seminaries, universities, and colleges when they are enrolled at their first assignment after graduation. Nor will it apply to ordained or commissioned ministers who are re-enrolled in the CDSP within one year of a termination of their Plan membership.

Disability Benefits

Payment & Taxation

After the first 14 days of onset of the disabling condition and upon approval from Liberty Mutual, you will be eligible to start receiving disability benefits. Liberty Mutual will determine the duration of your benefits based on the nature of your condition and information supplied by your treating physician.

Taxation of Benefits

Disability benefit payments are subject to federal income tax. Concordia Plan Services is not required to nor does it withhold federal income tax from a lay worker’s disability payments unless the worker has provided CPS with a completed Federal W-4S, Request for Federal Income Tax Withholding from Sick Pay form. This form is available from Concordia Plan Services or the IRS website.
Rostered Ordained / Commissioned Ministers

Disability benefits paid are designated as “housing allowance.” This means that a disabled minister can exclude up to 100% of the disability benefits received from federal taxable income, to the extent that it is used to rent or provide a home.


Disability benefits received during the first six months following the last calendar month worked are subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. 


Reporting a Disability Claim

When an eligible, enrolled worker is sick or injured (and is reasonably sure that the illness or injury will keep the member out of work for more than 14 days):
  1. Contact Concordia Plan Services at 888-927-7526 after the last day worked but no later than 90 days from the date the disability commenced to report the disability. Information required:
    1. Worker’s name, address, home and work numbers, and Social Security Number
    2. Worker’s last day of work and the first full day he or she was unable to work.
    3. Nature of the worker’s condition.
    4. Worker’s physician name and phone number.
    5. Employer contact's name and phone number.
  2. Liberty Mutual will contact the member for more information if necessary.
  3. Member will receive an acknowledgment letter of the claim and a claim number.

Returning to Work

With the physician’s permission, a partial return to work may be appropriate. A work phase may also be a part of a professionally developed rehabilitation plan. In either case, the normal benefit for total disability would be offset by 70% of the income earned from partially returning to work. It is important to notify Concordia Plan Services of part-time earnings so that the benefit amount can be accurately calculated and paid.