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If you need to report the death of a worker or dependent, please do so by calling the Concordia Plan Services office at 314-927-7580, or 888-927-7526. Member Service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central time).

Once we have received your call, we will send you a letter and a packet of information to complete. For the death of a worker, you will be required to provide a death certificate, spouse’s birth certificate, and marriage license. For the death of a spouse or dependent, you will be required to provide a death certificate.

In the event that a member dies while overseas, the death needs to be reported to the U.S. Embassy in the country in which the death occurred. Additional documentation needed may include: police report, physician’s statement, certified death certificate, and canceled passport.


In addition to emotional support available through your local congregation/pastor, Concordia Plan Services offers an Employee Assistance Program that provides limited, free face-to-face counseling sessions, resources and referrals for various services, and financial planning assistance. The Employee Assistance Program is provided through the Concordia Health Plan and administered by Cigna Behavioral Health. Contact Cigna Behavioral Health at 866-726-5267 (24 hours a day, seven days a week). This benefit can be used by any member covered by the CHP.


Each survivor has a unique set of circumstances that determine the benefits that will be received. To determine your specific survivor benefits, call Concordia Plan Services at 888-927-7526. Click here for general information on Survivor benefits.


Lump sum death benefits are not taxable. Concordia Plan Services does not issue a 1099R or report the payment of the death benefit to the IRS for any death benefit you receive from the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan or the Concordia Retirement Plan. (This applies to lump sum death payments only.)

Monthly survivor benefits that are paid to the survivor of a deceased worker through the Concordia Retirement Plan as a continuation of a retirement payment from the Plan are subject to income tax. Concordia Plan Services does not automatically withhold taxes. If you would like to have money withheld from your benefits you must complete a W-P4 – this will prevent owing a large return on your income tax.


  • If a child or third party is acting as Power of Attorney for a survivor, he/she must submit documentation to Concordia Plan Services in order to receive the survivor’s personal and financial information.
  • Please take the time to update your beneficiaries. A trust can be named as a beneficiary.
  • Survivors of rostered or commissioned workers may apply for additional financial support if they are experiencing financial difficulties. Survivors who are interested in this benefit should either contact their district president or Concordia Plan Services. Once Concordia Plan Services is aware of the potential financial need, an application for the additional financial assistance will be mailed to the survivor.

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