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Retirees are encouraged to stay up-to-date on the Concordia Plans and read about the benefits we offer and changes we are making. It is extremely important that retirees keep us posted on any life changing events that occur. This will ensure that you are taking full advantage of the benefits you are entitled to.

Concordia Health Plan for Medicare Members – When retirees reach age 65, Medicare becomes their primary payer and the benefits available under Concordia Health Plan become a supplement to their Medicare coverage. Retirees are encouraged to sign up for Medicare Part A (hospitalization coverage which is free for most people) and can apply for Medicare Part B coverage. Contact Medicare three months prior to turning age 65.

For Concordia Health Plan Coverage information, click here.

For Medicare information, click here.

Prescription Drug Coverage – Concordia Health Plan provides the same prescription coverage for all Plan members. We do not provide coverage for over-the-counter drugs. Retirees need not sign up for Medicare part D, as their prescription drug coverage under the CHP Medicare Supplemental Health Plan is equal to, or in many cases greater than the prescription drug coverage provided under Medicare Part D. For information on prescription drug coverage, click here.

Dental Discount – Retirees are eligible for a dental discount through CignaPlus Savings. This discount provides immediate dental discounts at participating dentists. For additional information, click here.

A retiree’s information is subject to privacy laws and there are restrictions on who can access this information. If any family members (spouse or dependents) want access to a retiree’s personal information, the worker will need to be present to give consent. If the retiree is unable to give consent, a “Power of Attorney” is required to release personal information to relatives or a third party.

Electronic Funds Transfer is available for your retirement benefits. Please review and complete the Electronic Funds Transfer form, and return it to our office. Retirees who receive electronic funds will still receive a hard copy of their 1099 Form in the mail for tax purposes.


If you are age 65 or over and are vested in the Concordia Retirement Plan, you can continue to work full time and apply for an “In-service” benefit payments, in which case you would receive your retirement benefit in addition to your full time salary. If you are receiving In-service benefit payments, you will still need to inform us when you retire, so we can calculate your new benefit and complete the paperwork for your full retirement. Your employer will continue to make monthly contributions to the Concordia Retirement Plan during the period of time you are receiving an In-service benefit payments, unless your work hours are dropped below the threshold of more than 20 hours per week. In-service benefits are confidential and do not need to be reported to your employer. Please contact our office for additional information.


A Vested Terminated Worker is one who served LCMS and was enrolled and vested with a minimum of five years in the Concordia Retirement Plan, but their employment was terminated before they reached age 55 (the earliest retirement date allowed under the Plan). A Vested Terminated Worker is eligible for retirement benefits. If you are a Vested Terminated Worker, you will receive written notification from us letting you know the value of your benefit and the distribution options available. This letter will be sent to you 120 days after the end of the month in which your employment is terminated.


An active worker who is planning on retiring must contact our office 90 days prior to the anticipated retirement date. This is extremely important. Retirement is a process that requires time and planning. If you are an active worker and wanting to retire in the near future, click here, for more information on the retirement process.

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