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All it takes to start the process is a telephone call. If you are sick or injured, and it appears that you will be unable to work for at least two consecutive weeks, you, a family member, or a representative of your employer should call the Concordia Plan Services office at 888-927-7526. Please do not call prior to your last day worked and be sure to call no later than 90 days after the disability began. Your last day worked cannot be adjusted based on vacation, sick leave, or holidays.

Initial information will be secured from the caller by Concordia Plan Services disability support staff and forwarded to Liberty Mutual (our disability benefit administrator). Please advise Concordia Plan Services in the event you are injured at work and have applied for or are receiving worker’s compensation benefits. Liberty Mutual will then contact you and your physician to secure the additional information needed to determine your eligibility for benefits. There is no application form that needs to be completed to apply for disability benefits, but you will be asked to complete a medical authorization form.

To be eligible for disability benefits, you must be an active full-time worker and enrolled in the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan. Retired members, spouses, and dependents are not eligible for disability benefits. For a list of our most frequently asked questions, click here.

For CDSP Plan details and information, click here.


Once approved by Liberty Mutual (the disability benefits administrator), benefits equivalent to 70% of your monthly salary will be paid as of the 15th day of your disability. Benefit amounts are based on the Annual Compensation Report completed by your employer. The benefit checks are processed monthly by Concordia Plan Services and are issued on the first of the month following disability approval. Checks will not be issued until your employer completes and returns the Employer Statement to Concordia Plan Services. The length of your disability will be determined by your physician and Liberty Mutual. Disability benefit payments are subject to federal income tax.

If you are disabled for more than six months, you will be contacted by The Advocator Group (our Social Security disability administrator) to help you apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits.

Click here for more detailed disability benefit information.


Disability benefits are available for maternity leave. Please call the Concordia Plan Services office  at 888-927-7526 to report your last day worked. Your benefits will begin after 14 consecutive days of approved disability, and continue until your physician releases you to return to work (each case is reviewed individually). Your last day worked cannot be adjusted based on vacation, sick leave, or holidays.

Concordia Plan Services does not advise women on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Arrangements for leave, use of vacation/paid time off, and other specifics need to be coordinated directly with your employer. Workers should contact their employer for their policy regarding the FMLA.

For general information on the FMLA, click here


If the event of the death of an active worker, the worker’s beneficiary will receive a lump sum death benefit equivalent to two times the member’s annual salary, plus an amount equal to one times the member’s annual salary for each dependent child (up to four children), for a maximum potential death benefit equal to six times the annual salary. In the case of the death of an enrolled dependent, a lump sum benefit of $10,000 will be paid.

To be eligible for the lump sum death benefits, you must be an active full-time worker and enrolled in Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan. For Plan information, click here.

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