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Answers for many common questions and guidance for situations that may arise in the course of your business day are addressed in these materials. We hope you will find the information provided a valuable resource to help you administer the Concordia Plans for your workers.

Administrative Guides

2014 Administrative Information for Treasurers and Business Managers

2015 Employer Guide to the Concordia Health Plan – EXEMPT EDITION

2015 Employer Guide to the Concordia Health Plan –

2014 CRSP Employer Administrative Guide

2014 Your Concordia Retirement Savings Plan Toolkit

2015 Employer Guide to Personal Spending Accounts

2015 HRA Reference Guide

2015 HSA Reference Guide

2015 FSA Quick Start Guide

2015 HSA Quick Start Guide

Health Care Reform

Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate: Preparing for "Pay or Play" rules in 2015

Affordable Care Act and Concordia Health Plan Tip Sheet #2

Affordable Care Act and Concordia Health Plan Tip Sheet #1

Marketplace Notice Template & Instructions

Explaining Health Care Reform: Premium Tax Credits (or Subsidies)

Important Health Care Reform News: Marketplace Notification Deadline & HCR Educaiton Series

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Concordia Health Plan (CHP) Tip Sheet May 2013

Explaining Health Care Reform: Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Explaining Health Care Reform: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute Fee

Explaining Health Care Reform: The Marketplace (formerly called the Exchange)

Explaining Health Care Reform: The Employer "Play-or-Pay" Mandate

Important Health Care Reform News: For Employers

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit—Information And Sample Credit Calculation

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit—Frequently Asked Questions

W-2 Invoice Enclosure

Hire Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act Information


HIRE Invoice Enclosure

Informational Flyers

2015 Billing Code Sheet

2014 Contribution Rates (CDSP, CRP, AIP)

Cafeteria Plan Information and Requirements

HRA Flexibility and Funding Options

Assisting Employers Who Offer the CRSP and Other 403(b) Providers

Concordia Health Plan: Advantages for Employers and Workers

Concordia Plan Services E-Learning Program

Concordia Retirement Plan: Features of the Traditional and Account Option

Concordia Retirement Plan: Review of Full and Regular Participation Basis

Declaration of Hours Form – CHP

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): 2014 Wellness Seminars and Management Trainings Catalog

A Manager's Guide to EAP

Enrollment of Workers Serving: Day Care Centers, Lunch Programs, Nursery Schools, and Preschools

Meet our Employer Relations Specialists

Paychex Payroll Services

Probationary Period Certification