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Concordia Plan Services offers an Accident Insurance Program (AIP) (a Group Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance), which can help your family meet its financial obligations in the event of an accidental death or disabling injury.

All active, full-time workers (any worker hired to work more than 20 hours a week and more than 5 consecutive months) who participate in the Concordia Plans, designated members of Boards or Commissions of the Synod, and designated Foreign Missionaries of the Synod are eligible to participate in the Accident Insurance Program (AIP). When you enroll, your spouse and any unmarried dependents under age 21 (or up to age 27 if enrolled as a full-time student) can also be enrolled.

The Accident Insurance Program (AIP) provides 24-hour-a-day accident insurance protection in amounts from $25,000 to $300,000 for you, with family members eligible to be insured for a portion of your benefit amount. Coverage is very affordable with a low monthly cost. The maximum coverage for Foreign Missionaries is $100,000.

Workers interested in additional information on the AIP should contact Concordia Plan Services toll-free at 888-927-7526. Click here for an enrollment form.

The AIP is administered by Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Founded in 1880, Minnesota Life has a record of financial strength and stability that makes it one of the most highly rated financial institutions in America.

Members enrolled in the AIP also have access to the Travel Assistance Program, through Europ Assistance USA and Minnesota Life. Click here for additional information.

To view a copy of the AIP Insurance Certificate, click here.

Note: If the worker is a graduate of an LCMS seminary or university/college and electing “early enrollment” in the Plans prior to the actual start of employment, enrollment in the AIP must be effective the first day of the month after the worker’s actual employment begins since only “workers” can be enrolled in AIP.