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Concordia Plan Services is proud to offer a comprehensive retirement package to assist workers with their retirement planning. Workers are fully vested in the CRP after five years of creditable service in the CRP is attained.

The Traditional Option offers the Primary Retirement Benefit - a monthly retirement benefit (like a pension benefit) for church workers, and is designed for workers who will have a career with LCMS employers.

The Account Option offers the Retirement Cash Account - a cash balance account that grows each year. Designed for workers who are only going to spend a portion of their career with the LCMS, this benefit has a lump-sum distribution option making it portable for the worker.

All eligible workers are enrolled in the Traditional Option unless the employer elects the Account Option for certain lay workers. Enrollment in the Account Option is available to eligible workers who, after the effective date of the employer’s Account Option Election:

  • are hired,
  • are re-hired,
  • transfer to the employer from another LCMS employer, or
  • are newly eligible for CRP participation.

The Account Option is not available for rostered workers; they are only eligible to be enrolled in the Traditional Option.

Active workers can see information on their personal CRP benefits by visiting